Lawrence Linux User Group Meeting Notes - Saturday, Sep 16 2023


  • Matt L.
  • Ray+1
  • Tyler


Matt has been using Crowdsec to help secure public servers. It works like fail2ban by watching log files and triggering a corrective action when identifying troublesome activity (usually a four hour block in the firewall). This has been helpful to site stability, reducing resource consumption, and of course security. An interesting note is that they crowdsource the blocklists so that you can take advantage of IPs that have been blocked elsewhere before they hit your servers.


Tyler showed the software and hardware that he uses for streaming on Twitch. Some of the main software components are OBS, srt live server, noalbs, and stream elements. For streaming when away from home he runs the main software from the home machine and the video feed from his phone is duplexed into that home stream. This helps if the connection drops, etc, then people wouldn’t lose the stream altogether. There was a service called belabox that will do this for you, but I believe Tyler had implemented his own.


There may have been more, but I didn’t take or now can’t find the notes…