Lawrence Linux User Group Meeting Notes - Saturday, Oct 21 2023


  • Matt L.
  • Ray+1


Matt was going to demo a couple monitoring packages that I’ve been testing, but my home SSH port wasn’t listening. D’oh. I’ll demo Netdata and Healthchecks.io in a future meeting.


Matt presented about SSH and some of the useful features that aren’t always well known. Some of these features were the config file, tunneling, SSH keys for additional security or ease of use, etc.

Flipper Zero

Ray talked about how the Flipper Zero device is being used by more people than you’d expect. People are coming to his library asking for help installing alternative firmware that would/could likely be used for troublesome purposes.


I don’t recall how it came up, probably an offshoot of the Flipper Zero discussion, but we discussed Shodan and how it can be used to easily find nearby vulnerabilities. This was first discussed in the LUG meeting a few years ago and I think there is less info available freely now than there was then, but it’s still around.